The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy, and the Vulnerable Child

Prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol is among the most frequently missed diagnoses in children’s health care. And, although prenatal alcohol exposure often is cited as one of the leading preventable causes of intellectual disabilities in the world, its role in causing behavioral problems in children is rarely recognized. As a result, the children’s behaviors are viewed as purposeful, parents are blamed for their children’s behavioral and academic difficulties, and medications are prescribed inappropriately. This pre-conference program will explore the structural and functional changes that occur in the fetal brain when exposed to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and illicit drugs and link these changes to the long-term social, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities suffered by exposed children as they get older. Families and professionals will learn to look past the behaviors they see to understand the source of those behaviors in affected children. 6.5 CE hours approved for Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, IL MFTs, and Nurses.

Launching and Leading an Orphaned and Vulnerable Children’s Ministry in Your Church

Come be inspired and equipped to take the next steps in your foster care, adoption and orphan care ministries at your church, while networking with other leaders from around the city! Whether you leading an existing ministry or are launching a new one, this workshop is open to all pastors and ministry leaders looking to take the next steps at their church. You’ll walk away with practical tools, resources and actionable next steps.

Nurturing Your Marriage

We are created for connection. We marry for connection. We long for our marriages to be safe places for us to connect, to love and be loved. But, life is difficult. We have stress in our lives; parenting stress, medical stress, work stress and financial stress. We all face difficulties in our marriages and instead of connection and intimacy we end up experiencing alienation and isolation. Our needs go unmet, and we fight, we withdraw and we medicate. Can we turn this around? In this workshop, I will help couples in stress renew their connection and their intimacy. I will present things couples can do to STOP the alienation and things they can do to RESTART their connection and their intimacy.

Preparing to Foster or Adopt: 6 Things You Need to Know

Are you considering the foster care or adoption journey? Or have you started the process? Join Bethany Christian Services and Replanted for this interactive seminar as we discuss 6 important things you need to know as you embark on your journey. Whether you are considering adoption or foster care, started the process, or are a parent in waiting, this session is for you. Foster parent training credit is available.